Manufacturers of Innovative Adhesive Products for Solid Surface, Quartz Surfaces, Natural Stone and Composites

Surface Bonder Surface Bonder Epoxy/Methacrylate Adhesive for Quartz, Natural Stone and Solid Surface. Used for Lamination, Seaming, V-Grooving/Mitred-cut
Rodding Compound Rodding Compound Epoxy/Methacrylate Adhesive. Use to Insert Reinforcing Rods into Natural Stone.
Composite Bonder Composite Bonder Toughened Methacrylate Adhesive. Attaches Fasteners to Quartz, Natural Stone and Solid Surface
The Mitre System The Mitre System Intregra introduces the Mitre System. Three tools to achieve perfect mitre edges.


Deck Seam with Integra 100ml cartridge
Mitre System
Lamination Challenge
Rodding Challenge