Rodding Bonder RD50

Rodding Bonder RD50

Reinforce your peace of mind

Protect your fabrication with reinforcing rods and our fast curing, high strength RD50

Rodding Bonder RD50 is a methacrylate based Bonder packaged in a 500ml dual component cartridge designed to embed fiberglass or steel reinforcement rods in countertops.

Rodding Bonder RD50 uses a measure-mix-dispense system (cartridge) that combines the strength of an epoxy with the cure speed and consistency of an acrylic. RD50 saves time (15-20 minute cure time), virtually eliminates waste and reduces overall costs.

Rodding Bonder provides excellent bond strength for the various rod options available to fabricators; Steel and Fiberglass rods are both compatible.

Appearance (Adhesive) White viscous liquid
Appearance (Activator) Clear to white viscous liquid
Viscosity (Adhesive) 45,000 — 160,000 CPS
Viscosity (Activator) 20,000 — 25,000 CPS
Density 1.30 g/L
Working Time 5 — 10 minutes *
Fixture Time 15 — 20 minutes *
Bond Strength 3000 — 4000 PSI
Shelf Life (Adhesive) 1 year
Shelf Life (Activator) 1 year
Mix Ratio Adhesive:Activator 10:1 by Volume
* Cure times based on surface and adhesive temperature of 75°F

Available in our high volume, low cost 500ml cartridge