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Surface Bonder Rapid

High Speed Seaming Adhesive

Surface Bonder Rapid adhesive is developed especially to improve production output for high volume fabrication. The high strength, no sag formula is available in a range of colors to match the most popular surface designs.

High volume shops and installers need fast products! Surface Bonder Rapid is specially developed to curein half the time of similar products to keep your fabrication shop running at peak productivity and installation crew in and out quickly. The non-sag formula stays right where you put it… so no drips, mess or waste, making Surface Bonder Rapid ideal for mitred edges, deck seams and vertical applications. Surface Bonder Rapid is high strength and so gives better performance on thinner sheets where a stronger adhesive adds strength to the final surface installation.

Designed for Natural Stone, Quartz, Compact Ceramics and Porcelain surfaces, Surface Bonder Rapid eliminates the need for stocking multiple adhesives, so you can reduce complexity, supply costs and risk of errors or reworks.


Bright White
Crystal Clear
Glacier White
Perfect White
Polar White
Pure White
Snow White
Transparent White
White Chocolate
White Linen
White North
Winter White


Satin Black
Transparent Black


Newport Grey
Stellar Grey

Download our online color charts or our app to achieve accurate color matches for endless surfaces. Consult our experts in-the-field or in-house on how our products can simplify your fabrication, for exceptional results.

Characteristic Surface Bonder Rapid
Working Time 4–8 Minutes
Fixture Time 10–16 Minutes
Operating Temperature 65°F–85°F (18°C–30°C)
* Use at temperatures below 65°F(12°C) or above 85°F(32°C) may cause incomplete cure, yellowing and poor bonding strength.
Viscosity – Adhesive 20,000–50,000 cps
Viscosity – Activator 8,000–12,000 cps
Color – Adhesive Various
Color – Activator Colorless / Translucent
Mix Ratio 10:1
Flexural Strength – Natural Stone >4,000 PSI / Substrate Failure
Flexural Strength – Quartz >4,000 PSI / Substrate Failure
Flexural Strength – Compact Sintered Material >4,000 PSI / Substrate Failure
Shelf Life 2 Years