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Surface Bonder Ultra

Surface Bonder Ultra

For INDOOR / OUTDOOR applications.

A premium, Modified Hybrid Polyaspartic resin for today’s surfacing needs

Surface Bonder Ultra is a premium, UV stable, Modified Hybrid Polyaspartic surfacing adhesive for indoor and outdoor applications. This unique adhesive will not yellow, stain, or bleed making it perfect for white marbles. Surface Bonder Ultra contains almost no VOC’s and is not classified as a hazardous material.

UV and Weather Stable
High strength bonding on today’s trending surfaces: Ceramics & Sintered, Natural Stone, Quartz, and Glass
Available in a 215ml Cartridge
Works on Polished/Honed/Textured surfaces
Pre-mixed in the most popular colors
LOW VOC (~0 VOC Content)

Offered pre-colored in a dual-component 215ml, 2:1 mixing ratio cartridge. Surface Bonder Ultra is the newest addition to Integra’s full line of adhesives and accessories. At Integra Adhesives, we create our own formulations, cartridges, mixers and customized dispensers based on fabricator feedback. Our system approach ensures quality, performance and very competitive pricing, for every fabrication step.

Download our online color charts or our app to achieve accurate color matches for endless surfaces. Consult our experts in-the-field or in-house on how our products can simplify your fabrication, for exceptional results.
Look for the U symbol to find out which colors Ultra is available in.

Characteristic Ultra
Appearance — Resin White or colored viscious liquid
Appearance — Hardener Clear viscous liquid
Viscosity — Resin 40,000–400,000 / Thixotropic
Viscosity — Hardener Thixotropic liquid
Density — Resin 1.15
Density — Hardener 1.30
Mix Ratio — Resin:Hardener 2:1 VOLUME
Recommended Bond Line 0.002–0.004 inches (0.05–1.0mm)
Working Time 9–12 minutes
Fixture Time (for polishing / cutting) 90–110 minutes
100% bond strength 24 hours
Flexural Bond Strength — Natural Stone >4000PSI / Substrate Failure
Shelf Life 1 year
Weather test in climactic QUV chamber
0.80, 42–45°C, cycle QUV-A 24/7
Minimum reaction temperature +41°F / +5°C
Minimum recommended temperature after cure -4°F / -20°C
Maximum recommended temperature after cure +140°F / +60°C

Available in 215ml cartridges

Available in limited color options