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Solid Surface, Quartz, Natural Stone, Sintered Surfaces, and more...
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For Quartz, Natural Stone and Sintered materials. ✓ Ideal for miters

✓ Pre-colored for
most popular surfaces
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✓ Ideal for Solid Surface
✓ Self-coating adhesive
✓ Available in more than 400 colors
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Manufacturers of Innovative Adhesive Products for Solid Surface, Quartz Surfaces, Natural Stone and Composites

Surface Bonder
Surface Bonder

Epoxy/Methacrylate Adhesive for Quartz, Natural Stone, and Solid Surface. Used for Lamination, Seaming, V-Grooving/Mitered Edges.

Rodding Bonder
Rodding Bonder

Epoxy/Methacrylate Adhesive for secure embedding Reinforcing Rods into Natural Stone.

Component Bonder
Component Bonder

Multipurpose adhesive great for attaching fasteners to Quartz, Natural Stone, and more.

Substrate Bonder
Substrate Bonder

Flexible, polyurethane that bonds to nearly anything. Faster and stronger than Silicone.

The Mitre System
The Mitre System

Integra introduces the Miter System. Three tools to achieve the perfect miter edge.


Backsplashes Component Bonder Substrate Rodding Deck Seam Miter Edge Edge Laminations