Rodding Bonder RD50

Rodding Bonder RD50

Reinforce your peace of mind

Protect your fabrication with reinforcing rods and our fast curing, high strength RD50

Rodding Bonder RD50 is an epoxy based Bonder packaged in a 500ml dual component cartridge designed to embed fiberglass or steel reinforcement rods in countertops. Testing shows that the process can improve load tolerance up to 300% and deflection up to 1600%.

Rodding Bonder RD50 uses a measure-mix-dispense system (cartridge) that combines the strength of an epoxy with the cure speed and consistency of an acrylic. RD50 saves time (15-20 minute cure time), virtually eliminates waste and reduces overall costs.

Rodding Bonder provides excellent bond strength for the various rod options available to fabricators; Steel and Fiberglass rods are both compatible.

Examples of the benefits of reinforcing low strength granite Sample Dimensions Moisture Flexural Strength
Un-reinforced granite
50mm(2″) x 1000mm(40″) strip
N/A <800PSI
Reinforced granite: DRY
50mm (2″) x 1000mm (40″) strip
with on 2.5 x 10mm fiberglass rod
Cut wet, blown dry to remove most water 6600PSI
Reinforced granite: WET
50mm (2″) x 1000mm (40″) strip
with one 2.5 x 10mm fiberglass rod
Cut wet, blown out to remove large droplets of water. Surface saturated with water. 3200PSI

Appearance (Adhesive) White viscous liquid
Appearance (Activator) Clear to white viscous liquid
Viscosity (Adhesive) 45,000 — 160,000 CPS
Viscosity (Activator) 20,000 — 25,000 CPS
Density 1.30 g/L
Working Time 5 — 10 minutes *
Fixture Time 15 — 20 minutes *
Bond Strength 3200 — 6600 PSI †
Shelf Life (Adhesive) ~1 year
Shelf Life (Activator) ~1 year
Mix Ratio Adhesive:Activator 10:1 by Volume
* Cure times based on surface and adhesive temperature of 75°F
† Bond strength spread based on wet -> dry, fiberglass rod in granite. See chart on overview tab for more details

Available in our high volume, low cost 500ml cartridge