Deck Seam with 100ml Cartridge

Demonstrating the ease of our 100ml cartridge using a standard caulking gun..

Rodding Challenge

Integra goes head to head versus the traditional method of hand mixing rodding adhesive to determine which is faster.

Lamination Challenge

Integra goes head to head with knife-grade adhesive to demonstrate the speed of pre-coloured, auto-mixing adhesives.

The Mitre System

A demonstration showcasing the simplicity of Integra’s Mitre System. Using MitreForma clamps and Integra Surface Bonder Xi the outcome is perfection time and time again.

Surface Bonder Xi

A demonstration of how to use Surface Bonder Xi.

Rodding Compound

A quick demonstration showing the ease and speed of Integra’s Rodding Compound.

Laminating with Surface Bonder Xi

A demonstration using Surface Bonder Xi for edge laminations.

Deck Seams with Surface Bonder Xi

Deck seams are a breeze with Integra’s Surface Bonder Xi. Don’t be dissuaded by bad experiences with weaker polyester adhesives. Our acrylic adhesives are just as tough as any expoxy you’ve ever used.

Composite Bonder

Mounting sinks using Integra’s sink clips is very fast and the bond strength provides upwards of 300lbs. per bolt!

Trim Bonder

If you need to fabricate a counter and need flexibility in your joints, or if you don’t have the space necessary to grind off adhesive with large sanders, then Integra’s Trim Bonder might be for you. Cured adhesive can be easily sliced off using a sharp razor blade.