TopSeal Features

Showcasing the versatility of Integra Adhesives TopSeal. Highlighting a few of the benefits of how TopSeal can increase your throughput and productivity, while saving you money!

Bonding Structural Components

Showcasing the versatility of the Integra Adhesives Component Bonder. In this video we demonstrate Rodding, Mounting Sink Clips and Countertop Supports all with 1 tube of this multipurpose adhesive.

Mitering Countertop Edges

A demonstration of just how easy mitered edges can be using Integra’s Surface Bonder XI and mitreForma clamp system.

Countertop Seaming and Installation

Deck seams are quick and effortless using Integra Adhesives pre-colored Surface Bonder XI. Satisfy your customers with uncompromising color match quality for their countertops.

Countertop Edge Laminations

Strong, invisible edge laminations are your reward when you choose Integra Adhesives Surface Bonder XI.

Reinforcing Natural Stone

Protect your granite fabrication with fiberglass or steel rods embedded and held in place using Integra Adhesives Rodding Bonder RD50

Mounting Substrate to Countertops

Fast, easy, low-waste mounting of virtually any substrate material to countertops with Substrate Bonder SB100

Rodding Challenge

Integra goes head to head versus the traditional method of hand mixing rodding adhesive to determine which is faster.

Lamination Challenge

Integra goes head to head with knife-grade adhesive to demonstrate the speed of pre-coloured, auto-mixing adhesives.