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Type the name of any sheet you’re looking for without the brand name included.
eg. If you’re looking for Silestone White Zeus type “White Zeus” or “Zeus”.

U Indicates this color is also available in Surface Bonder Ultra
Z Indicates this color is also available in Surface Bonder Zero

All colors are available in Surface Bonder XI. Only colors marked with the Z or U are available in Zero and Ultra formulations.

If the match says "Call For Match" this means the sample is in our lab, but has yet to be matched (usually because it's a unique color) you can click the "Call For Match" link to submit a request (or email directly to to have the lab match this and we will let you know as soon as it's ready.

* Indicates tight seam required // + indicates custom color (minimum orders may apply)

Note: The Color List is now only available on its dedicated page available from the Color Matches menu or click here.

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Color match may vary with manufacturers dye lot variations. Information is provided as a reference only; end user should verify suitability prior use.
Brand Name Sheet Code Sheet Name Match 1 Z/U/R Match 2 Z/U/R
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Your Custom Chart

Brand Name Sheet Code Sheet Name Match 1 Z/U/R Match 2 Z/U/R
  1. Color Line

    First select which color line you'd like to explore using the navigation bar. Signature charts offer the full range of Integra's adhesive color line-up while the Optics Collection offers a more limited color range, keeping stock requirements low. Note that not all matches are available in the Optics Collection.

  2. Surface Materials

    Select the type of material you would like to generate a color chart for.

  3. Create PDF

    Click this PDF icon to instantly download a PDF for your selected brand.

  4. Select a Brand

    Create your own color charts/lists her by selecting as few or as many brands as you like. This will generate a color chart showing all material colors from selected brands.

  5. Sorting

    It can be sorted by click on any of the headers. Note: Hold CTRL and select a second header title to sort by multiple columns.

  6. Print/Download

    Click either of these icons to download your customised PDF or send it directly to your printer.

  7. Search

    Search all open charts. The chart(s) will be filtered by your chosen terms. Terms could be sheet name/code, brand name, adhesive name, or adhesive code

    example: With the Corian chart open you could search for 'White Chocolate' and see all the places Integra's adhesive color 'White Chocolate' appears.

  8. Add to Custom Chart

    To create a custom chart, click on the + sign beside each sheet name.

  9. Add to Custom Chart

    The match will appear in the "Custom Chart" tab. This custom chart can also be sorted by any items on top of the chart, then printed or saved as a PDF.

  10. Complete Color List

    To view Integra's complete list of color and cartridge size options, click on the "color List" tab. Please consult with your distributor for local availabilities.

  11. Enjoy!

    We hope these charts are just another way we can help make your fabrication needs easier.

    For a more in-depth look at the flex charts click here to watch a video on YouTube.

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