Introducing the Integra App
Raising the bar for simple color matching

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The Integra App is a great reference tool to select appropriate adhesive colors from Integra. First, it allows fabricators to pull Integra’s entire collection of color reference charts, whether on or off-line, for quick reference anytime, anywhere. It also shows images of over 200 natural stone colors, matched with Integra Natural stone collection. Finally, it brings up a visual guide to Integra’s 300 Surface Bonder Xi colors, allowing fabricators to not only clearly see what each color looks like, but also what are its closest similar colors.

Quickly access the color charts whether you’re online or offline. Whether you’re in your office or in the shop the information you need is only a tap away.

Get a visual reference for the entire Integra color palette. If a recommended match uses a color you don’t stock, you can visually find the next closest color in our library that you do.

A visual guide for matching natural stone. Compare images with what you’re working with to get an idea what a seam might look like. For even better results pair it with our Stone Swatch Deck.

And a whole lot more!

Quickly jump into the app online or offline

Easy menu for quick navigation

Fast, searchable color charts

Quickly view primary and secondary color matches

Calculate adhesive needed by linear foot of fabrication

View and compare adhesive swatches