Si Bonder NSF, FDA and LOW VOC

Si Bonder

Affordable Pricing and Superior Performance

Si Bonder is a high performance, one component, acetoxy cure, 100% silicone sealant and adhesive designed for solid surface, quartz, natural stone, ceramic and other non-porous surface applications.

Si Bonder is suitable for permanent flexible sealing and bonding of multiple surfaces allowing joint movement of +/- 25% for interior/exterior residential and commercial installations.

Product Attributes

  • • UV stable, non-yellowing & mildew resistant
  • • Non-sag, for horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces
  • • Excellent unprimed adhesion to many substrates
  • • Superior gunning throughout a wide temperature range
  • • Will not crack, fade, shrink or discolor at the edges
  • • Dry tools easily to a smooth, attractive gloss finish

Available Colors

White Linen, Aqueous, Crystal Clear

ColorsClear, White Linen and Aqueous 
Specific Gravity1.01 
Extrusion Rate400g/m 
Sag/SlumpNil @120°F (49°C)ASTM C 639
Skin Formation (*)5-10 minutes@ 75°F (24°C) & 50% relative humidity
Tack Free Time (*)10-20 minutesASTM C 679
Curing time (*)24 hrs, 1/8″ diameter bead@ 75°F (24°C) & 50% relative humidity
Oil Gel TestNo gel formation 
Application Temperature-35°F to 140°F (-37°C to 60°C) 
Shore “A” Hardness (*)25 pointsASTM C 661
Tensile Strengh (*)265 psiASTM D 412
Elongation (*)500%ASTM D 412
Movement capability+/- 25%ASTM C 719
Service Temperature-40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204°C) 
Artificial WeatheringNo CrackingASTM C 793
Shelf life12 monthsStored between 41°F-77°F (5°C-25°C)

Si Bonder SDS Available Soon Si Bonder TDS