Si Bonder NSF, FDA and LOW VOC

Si Bonder

The only silicone color matched for your surfacing needs.

Si Bonder is a high performance, one component, acetoxy cure, 100% silicone sealant and adhesive designed to color coordinate with solid surface, quartz, natural stone, ceramic and other non-porous surface applications.

Si Bonder is suitable for permanent flexible sealing and bonding of multiple surfaces allowing joint movement of +/- 25% for interior/exterior residential and commercial installations.

Product Attributes

  • • UV stable, non-yellowing & mildew resistant
  • • Non-sag, for horizontal, vertical and overhead surfaces
  • • Excellent unprimed adhesion to many substrates
  • • Superior gunning throughout a wide temperature range
  • • Will not crack, fade, shrink or discolor at the edges
  • • Dry tools easily to a smooth, attractive gloss finish
  • • Color match charts available for solid surface, quartz, stone & ceramic

Available Colors

Classic Colors

White Linen, Aqueous, Crystal Clear

Colors Coming Soon

Signature Colors

Perfect White, White Chocolate, Trans White

Trans Grey, Trans Charcoal

Trans Beige, Bone, Trans Earth

Trans Brown

ColorsVarious transparent, translucent and opaque colors 
Specific Gravity1.01 
Extrusion Rate400g/m 
Sag/SlumpNil @120°F (49°C)ASTM C 639
Skin Formation (*)5-10 minutes@ 75°F (24°C) & 50% relative humidity
Tack Free Time (*)10-20 minutesASTM C 679
Curing time (*)24 hrs, 1/8″ diameter bead@ 75°F (24°C) & 50% relative humidity
Oil Gel TestNo gel formation 
Application Temperature-35°F to 140°F (-37°C to 60°C) 
Shore “A” Hardness (*)25 pointsASTM C 661
Tensile Strengh (*)265 psiASTM D 412
Elongation (*)500%ASTM D 412
Movement capability+/- 25%ASTM C 719
Service Temperature-40°F to 400°F (-40°C to 204°C) 
Artificial WeatheringNo CrackingASTM C 793
Shelf life12 monthsStored between 41°F-77°F (5°C-25°C)

Si Bonder SDS Available Soon Si Bonder TDS