Axiom High-Tack Adhesive

Available in North America through Integra, Axiom High-Tack™ is a strong, high quality, one component adhesive / sealant with an extremely high initial adhesive power for natural stone, engineered stone, solid surface, glass and other building products. Axiom High-Tack’s™ initial grab is so strong that support structures may not be necessary in vertical applications.

BasisAdvanced Polymer Technology
Application Temperature41—104°F(5—40°C)
Application Rate3mm/6,3 bar; 10g/min
Flow ISO 7390< 2mm
Skin Over Time23°C/55% RF; 10—15min
Curing After 24 Hours23°C/55% RF; 2—3mm
UV, Weather & Water ResistantYes
Frost Resistant-15°C
During TransportYes
Shelf Life12 months (when stored between +5 — +25°C)
Joint Movement Capability+/-25%
Temperature Resistance After Cure-40°C — +95°C
Shore-A Hardness (3s)DIN 53505; 60
100% ModulusDIN 53504; MPa(N/mm2) 1,4
Tensile StrengthDIN 53504; MPa(N/mm2) 2,2
Elongation at BreakDIN 53504; 350%